Purple Sweet Potato Pie
Try this fun take on a Southern Classic that's certain add some color to your table! It's an easy to make and tasty treat that everyone will love!
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Servings: 1 Slice of Pie (Serves 6-8)
Prep Time: Minutes
Bake/Cook Time: Minutes


1 Lb

Purple sweet potato

4 Tablespoons

Butter, melted



2/3 Cup


1 Cup

Heavy cream

1/4 Cup

Whole milk


Authentic Foods Flaky Pie Crust (9 In.)

2 Teaspoons

Lemon Juice

1 Teaspoon


3/4 Teaspoon


1/4 Teaspoon

Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder


  1. To begin wash purple sweet potatoes and place on sheet pan. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 400F for 60-70 minutes until tender. Fork should be able to easily pierce sweet potatoes down to the center without feeling much resistance. Allow to rest and cool slightly after removing from oven until cool enough to handle.
  2. Remove all outside peel from the roasted sweet potatoes. Discard the peels and keep only the inner flesh for the pie. Allow the purple sweet potatoes to finish cooling down to room temperature and at this point they can either be used to make the pie filling or can be wrapped well and stored in the fridge to use another day.
  3. Preheat oven to 400F to bake pie crust. Take pre-shaped and chilled crust and line inside with parchment paper. Top off with pie weights or beans and place in oven for 15 minutes. Once removed from oven, remove pie weights, and reduce temperature to 350F to bake filling.
  4. While par baking pie crust measure out all ingredients for filling. Melt the butter and allow to cool slightly.
  5. Once everything is ready place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until smooth. Scrape down sides if necessary to get all ingredients combined into a smooth batter.
  6. Strain batter through a sieve to remove any remaining lumps. Pour into par baked pie crust and bake in 350F oven for about 40 minutes until mostly set and only center jiggles slightly when pie is shaken.
  7. When pie is done baking remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature then chill in fridge for a few hours or overnight before cutting and serving. Serve with whipped cream if desired.

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