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To: Authentic Foods
Subject: lemon cake

Today was my birthday and I made the lemon cake I bought from "GIG". It was very good! I made it to according to directions with a few alternatives..2%milk,......After it was baked in a 8 inch square pan, I poked holes in it with a tooth pick and poured lemon juice and powdered
sugar over it and let sit for a spell! It was very good!!!!!!Only one small problem........I couldnt just eat one piece....I ate several! Very tastey...Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work! Thank you for coming up with these receipes in boxes and for the web!!!!!!!
Thank you
jody hoag
eugene ,oregon

1850 West 169th Street
Suite B
Gardena, CA 90247

Dear Steve,

It's Saturday morning in our house and things just aren't right! I opened the cupboard to make Saturday Morning Crepes with Authentic Foods' Pancake & Baking Mix and discovered that we had run out. My three daughters, while understanding, were pretty disappointed.

So, I called you right away and will eagerly await the shipment. I'm ordering two of the seven pounders, just to be sure to have the mix for many Saturdays to come!

Not long ago we stayed at the Candlelight Inn in Napa, California, which serves gluten-free foods to its guests. They served some fantastic crepes which I began making at home with your mix. I have included the recipe below.

Take care and thanks again for your great products, including the chocolate cake and lemon chiffon cake. Keep up the good work. Your service is excellent.


car, .
Sacramento, CA

subject: Comments 7/15/1999
to: Authentic Foods
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I received my order a few days ago and have already made a few things. My highly allergic two year old feels like he's in heaven. I took your muffin recipe added some pureed fruit, cut the sugar in half, added a tiny bit of Stevia and voila! Cake! He hasn't had cake since he started Nystatin so he is one happy guy!!

Thank you for your excellent service

Cindy Harrison
Ottawa, Canada

From: Burke GS11 Kathy L
To: Authentic Foods


I don't know how you did it; you must be magic! I know we didn't get off the phone til almost 5 p.m. but the box you sent to me got to my house by 2:30 yesterday! And then, what's inside?! More magic from an incredible person complete with a birthday card! And I thought turning 40 was going to be rough!

I made the chocolate cake last night and remembering our conversation, I added chocolate chips. By 8 p.m. I was blessed with a bit of culinary heaven I wasn't sure if I'd ever taste again! Steve! Good stuff!

In addition, I happened to be reading archives of the celiac list site and one of the postings was from a gentleman who swore that Authentic Foods pancake mix were the best pancakes he had ever had with gluten or without. I could hardly wait to order my own! And then more surprises - you even included a package of that in this most special delivery! I hardly know what to say - this is so incredibly thoughtful of you. I am so looking forward to enjoying Saturday morning's pancake breakfast. And a yellow cake, too! Your generosity is just overwhelming! It did actually bring tears to my eyes.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, I don't know what I could offer to such a gifted person, but please ask! I have to tell you, I am certainly glad that your web page didn't work as it should!

Your friend and customer for life,


December 2002

Irecently placed my first order with Authentic Foods and you were kindenough to send me free samples of your pancake mix and lemon cake mix.They were truly delicious and my daughter and I really enjoyed them.Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Robert Sciacca

Haworth, NJ

Myname is Crystal Donovan. I have contacted you previously to obtain acatalog. With the catalog you sent me Chocolate & Lemon Cake mix aswell as your Pancake & Baking Mix. I meant to email you earlier toexpress my gratitude for doing so. You also wish that I provide youwith feedback on these items. I didn't fully realize how much I missedeating pancakes until I eat your mix. I even made waffles with the mixwhich turned out delicious. As well as my boyfriend who does not haveCeliac Disease fell in love with the mix. I also made my nephew (whodoes not have Celiac either and was just turning 2) his birthday cakewith the chocolate cake mix. No body had any idea that it was glutenfree. What was the best part, my nephew LOVED it!! I can't express toyou how invaluable the treatment I received was. In this day and age itis so rare to receive such a personal treatment from any company, I canhonestly say that your kind of company is the ideal I will have in mindwhen running my store. Thank you so much for you time &consideration.

I would like to say ThankYou to Steven at Authentic Foods for his excellent products andservice. I have ordered mixes from him for a long time and have neverbeen unhappy with any of the products. The pancake mix is excellent. Itis made from bean flour which helps me because I am also a diabetic.Steven goes out of his way to help with orders. We are very lucky tohave someone doing so much to make our lives easier.


New Jersey

Ihave been using your products for a the past several weeks and it ismaking this new wheat-free, dairy-free rotation diet that I am on muchmore bearable!! This Saturday I made your sugar cookie recipe that cameon the brown rice flour bag. I simply love using the garfava bean flourand this cookie recipe finally made me feel like a "toll-house-mom"again!! My kids loved them!! THANK YOU.  Much of what I cook now istrial and error. I've created a wonderful beanflour crepe/tortillarecipe using your garbanzo bean flour (with potato flour and amaranth)that has also been a big hit in our kitchen.  Indeed the biggest newsis that after four years suffering with CFIDS I am finally seeing signsof improvement. And for that ... I can't thank you enough!!  Best,

Nancy Parker

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